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Scaffstand® is patented and structurally designed and engineered to eliminate manual handling issues that arise in the scaffolding industry.

Scaffstand® is patented, structurally designed and engineered to eliminate manual handling issues that arise in the scaffolding industry. The Scaffstand® is a device that assists with the unpacking and packing (manual handling) of scaffolding components. It's aim is to improve the efficiency and productivity of the scaffolding erection process and also helps in reducing the manual handling injuries that scaffolders incur as a result of the nature of the job. 

Industrial scaffolding components are quite heavy and cumbersome to manoeuvre. Often the manual handling task results in injury and repetitive strain. Injuries tend to be back and joint related and include muscle strain. Scaffstands are designed to improve productivity and to reduce or eliminate injuries through the manual handling of heavy scaffold components. Scaffstands are designed to allow vertical stacking with 2 hands rather then the scaffolder having to balance components while removing more components. The design of the Scaffstand® makes for easier lifting and can speed up the process of packing and unpacking scaffold components in a safe matter. Scaffstands can also aid in productivity by reducing the physical effort required thus extending the endurance of the scaffolder. 

Some of the manual handling issues that are faced in this industry are bending, lifting and twisting, tennis elbow, back injuries and strains, shoulder and arm strains and injuries associated with the lifting and carrying of the boards and scaffolding components. 

Scaffstand® adheres to the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations 2011 NSW, it also works under the Australian Standards for the Scaffolding industry - 1576.1, 1576.2, 1576.3 and 1576.5. The codes of Practise that Scaffstand® meets the requirements for are Hazardous Manual Tasks, Guides to Standards and Construction, How to Manage Work Health and Safety Risks, How to Manage Risks of Plant and also Work Health and Safety Consultation Cooperation and Coordination. 

Scaffstand® uses the Hierarchy of Control to manage the risks associated with Scaffolding to fundamentally eliminate altogether the manual handling issues. Without the use of the Scaffstand® workers are placed under great risk of the above mentioned manual handling issues raised.

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